For almost 30 years, SMS has proven to be effective in broadcasting business communications directly to specific groups to trigger a desired behaviour or action.

It is an outstanding communication tool to build engagement and achieve greater business success. It achieves higher open, click-through and response rates compared to email so you can be confident your message will be seen and read.

Advantages of SMS
  • Timely – quick and easy to deploy
  • Cost efficient – low cost
  • Personal – add a personal touch with automated personalisation
  • Broad reach – there are over 32 million mobile phone users in Australia
  • Simple – Easy to set up and use
  • Direct – communicate directly with your audience


Where to use SMS

The number of uses for SMS are endless, including booking confirmations, sales engagement, employee communication, customer support, staff rostering, feedback & surveys, marketing and more.

MessageMedia, our SMS partner

Through our partnership with MessageMedia, you can create and deliver seamless mobile messaging communications. Why choose MessageMedia?

  • Best-in-class platform
  • Proven and trusted expertise with over 20 years industry experience and over 65,000 customers globally
  • Connected with direct links to carriers and on-shore delivery
  • 24/7 customer support globally with live chat or email
MessageMedia SMS features
  • Flexible – send one or a million messages in a mass broadcast
  • Dedicated mobile number – provide your audience confidence with a consistent mobile number
  • Have a conversation – send and receive messages in the same SMS thread
  • Convert to email – continue a conversation by converting to email or vice versa
  • Add media – include MMS, branding, images or more to your messages


A very reliable, effective and easy communication tool

MessageMedia allows our school to communicate with all our families in a timely manner and integrates seamlessly within our existing MAZE database.

Administration Assistant // Good Shepherd Lutheran School //

MessageMedia free 14-day trial

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