Microsoft Training


One of the keys to success in business is training.

Effective training provides your employees with up-to-date skills which creates more organisational effieciency, drives greater productivity and lowers employee turnover through strong workplace satisfaction.

In today's world, Microsoft skills are the backbone of most organisations. Without Microsoft products, individuals and teams cannot perform their duties.

Whether you need to onboard new employees, provide regular professional development, keep up-to-date as technology changes, or introduce new skills we can assist with your Microsoft training needs.

How we help you
  • Create your Microsoft training plan
  • Maintain evidence of your on-going professional development
  • Present standard courses online or in person
  • Design customised courses for you, if and when needed
  • Provide you with Microsoft achievement codes and/or badges
Standard training courses
  • Microsoft 365 dashboard and OneDrive
  • Microsoft 365 governance for administrators and users
  • Microsoft 365 information assurance and security
  • Microsoft 365 collaboration and productivity hacks
  • SharePoint intranet for administrators and users
  • Using Microsoft Teams to streamline collaboration
  • Unlocking Microsoft 365 for classroom teachers
  • Using AvePoint Cloud Governance
  • Using AvePoint Cloud Records


the tailored services we need to succeed

Pact has supported us and our changing business needs for almost 18 years. During that time we've grown from a single office in Adelaide to now having multiple sites around Australia. As our business has grown and changed, their capabilities have continually expanded to provide the tailored services we need to succeed.

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Free Microsoft training

We offer an additional 1 hour free online training whenever you book a course from our standard training catalogue.