Data Management


What you don't know about Microsoft 365 could put you at risk.

Microsoft 365 makes it easy for users to share documents. But there is no easy ‘native’ way to cross reference sensitive data and who it's been shared with.

This means your Microsoft 365 data must be proactively managed to ensure its integrity and security.

AvePoint Policies & Insights aggregates sensitivity and activity data across Microsoft OneDrive, Groups, Teams, and SharePoint in dynamic dashboards, providing valuable insights that help prioritise the areas of most concern.

Four ways Policies & Insights helps you

Monitor security: Monitor Microsoft 365 health, so you can easily answer critical questions for your security team: Who has access to sensitive data? Have they accessed it? Are any external users a threat?

Prioritise issues: Easily identify issues for sensitive content, external users, shadow users, and anonymous links. Then, take action where it has the most impact.

Enforce policies: Easily enforce security and compliance policies for permissions and access controls, including for external users. Data is pulled directly from Microsoft 365 security, activity, and compliance feeds. Which means policies can be easily enforced as you grow.

Provide insight: Time-based security dashboards maintain a record of Microsoft 365 and Teams adoption and track your risk score over time. By proving progress, you can understand how well issues are being addressed.

We take care of everything for you

Let us install AvePoint Policies & Insights for you and all this is taken care of. Leaving you and your colleagues free to do what's most important – making your business succeed.

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