Data Management


Is your records management strategy as up to date as your technology?

The cloud provides digital collaboration, IT agility, and on-the-go access – but leads to content sprawl, which means higher risk and compliance and storage issues.

An information management strategy is therefore critical to achieving operational efficiency and compliance.

By using Microsoft 365 and AvePoint Cloud Records all policies are applied and enforced automatically – doing away with having to rely on your people.

Five ways Cloud Records helps you

Automate lifecycle: Easily automate business rules to manage your entire content lifecycle—from creation, to classification, to retention, archiving, or disposal. All without need for end user involvement.

Reduce storage: Reduce data storage costs and mitigate potential overage fees by configuring and managing classification schemes and applying automated retention and disposal rules.

Improve productivity: Give your end users a better experience by lifting the burden of content classification off their shoulders. Plus, with no need for employees to spend time searching for data or re-creating content they can’t find, you’ll see productivity gains as well.

Ensure compliance: Certified by leading global authorities, Cloud Records is built to achieve compliance with your company’s own policies as well as rapidly changing regulatory requirements at the local, state, and federal level. Which means less risk of fines, brand injury, loss of assets, litigation, and exposure.

Provide insight: Streamline your information management with a single-pane-of-glass solution that manages content from a simple, intuitive interface – allowing you to proactively monitor user actions and get greater transparency and control.

We take care of everything for you

Let us install AvePoint Cloud Records for you and all this is taken care of. Leaving you and your colleagues free to do what's most important – making your business succeed.

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Free guide to managing records

In this comprehensive, 28-page AvePoint guide called 'Microsoft 365 Records Management Roadmap' you'll discover:

  • How to save time and money by clearing out ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial information)
  • Why you need a principles-based information architecture
  • How to provision workspaces to prevent maintain consistency
  • The importance of security and access
  • How records management works in Microsoft 365
  • Plus much more, including the risks and pitfalls to be aware of