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How to automate Microsoft 365 & Teams governance.

Microsoft 365 offers lots to help your users and enable your business' success. But to make it work for you it needs to be properly controlled and managed.

AvePoint Cloud Governance gives your users the Teams, Sites and Groups they need, backed by a sustainable, efficient, and secure governance framework.

Five ways Cloud Governance helps you

Enable self-service: Present users with a clear and relevant catalogue of Microsoft 365 services. Guide them to exactly what they need with simple business questions and ensure they’re always using the right tools for the job.

Control access: Choose which actions and options should be available to whom – making it easy for users to follow the rules. With the right controls in place, policies will remain enforced while reducing risk and increasing productivity.

Automate processes: Ensure policy enforcement – from request, to approval, to production – freeing up your operations team from manual and repetitive work.

Prevent sprawl: Control the growth and duplication of Microsoft 365 content with automated cataloguing, archiving, and deletion of workspaces. Apply lifecycle policies to your Sites, Groups and Teams to ensure the important stuff is kept and the rest is disposed of appropriately.

Provide insight: Ensure data owners and administrators always have an accurate inventory of the workspaces they have, why they exist, who they belong to, and the last time the information was verified.

We take care of everything for you

Let us install AvePoint Cloud Governance for you and all this is taken care of. Leaving you and your colleagues free to do what's most important – making your business succeed.

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Free AvePoint Guide

In this all-encompassing 40-page AvePoint guide 'The Value of Automated Office 365 & Teams Governance' you'll discover:

  • Understanding Microsoft 365 Groups and modern workspaces
  • Common governance challenges in Microsoft 365
  • How to get the level of governance right for your business
  • How to calculate the value of automated governance
  • Plus real world results along with a case study