Data Management


Manage and protect your Microsoft 365 and SharePoint data.

AvePoint, a global provider of data migration, management, and protection solutions, enhances Microsoft 365’s native capabilities to ensure resilient operations and increased productivity and security.

Workspace control and security

Microsoft 365 needs to be properly, and automatically, controlled and managed.

So let AvePoint Cloud Governance:

  • Create, configure and manage your workspaces – such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint – where your people can collaborate securely
  • Minimise duplication to ensure new spaces are actually needed
  • Control who owns or can access files and documents – and how they can be accessed from outside of your network
  • Monitor workspace usage to ensure users are only doing what they’re meant to
  • Archive or dispose workspaces – after confirming they aren’t needed anymore


Records compliance obligations

Microsoft 365 makes it easier for your people to manage documents. But, you need to make sure all your policies are being enforced.

They are with Microsoft 365 and AvePoint Cloud Records – automatically and in bulk so you don’t have to rely on your people:

  • Keep records of all activities, transactions, and decisions
  • Control the identification, classification, tracking, and use of records
  • Apply policies for auditing and retention / disposal of records
  • Retain documents according to legal and legislative requirements


How we help you

Let us install and support AvePoint Cloud Governance and AvePoint Cloud Records for you and all this is taken care of. Leaving you and your colleagues free to do what's most important – making your business succeed.


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Free AvePoint Guide

In this all-encompassing 40-page AvePoint guide 'The Value of Automated Office 365 & Teams Governance' you'll discover:

  • Understanding Microsoft 365 Groups in modern workspaces
  • Common governance challenges in Microsoft 365
  • How to get the level of governance right for your business
  • How to calculate the value of automated governance
  • Plus real world results along with a case study