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Bolster your Microsoft 365 data protection

Multi-factor authentication, session timeouts, and encrypting emails are several security measures you can use to shield your data in Microsoft 365. What defence mechanisms do you have in place to protect your data?

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Microsoft 365 guest access

Before configuring Microsoft 365 to enable access to outsiders, several basic policy points must be addressed. While there are many ways to develop policies, here are a few of the most important considerations.

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Enhance Your Server Management

Did you know that servers can be susceptible to cyberattacks? Secure the system by installing and updating antivirus software, using firewalls and encrypting networks and data storage.

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Queensland schools rein in IT admin

‘Let’s spend more time on IT administration’ said no-one ever. In schools, where every moment spent on admin is a moment less for learning, the need to streamline technology administration is particularly acute.

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Identity vs data governance

As the rapid adoption of cloud technologies increased during the pandemic, security and compliance issues have continuously been put at the forefront of conversations.

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Keeping your school community updated

SMS is a very practical and cost-effective tool for improving the management of your school or educational organisation that doesn’t require an expensive and complicated IT set-up.

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